**Tax-Free Social Security Benefits Bill Proposed in New Legislation**

Washington, D.C. – A newly proposed bill is aiming to provide relief to retirees by making Social Security benefits tax-free. The bill, known as the Tax-Free Benefits Act, seeks to ease the financial burden on seniors who rely on these benefits as a primary source of income.

Lawmakers behind the bill argue that taxing Social Security benefits puts an unfair strain on retirees who are already living on fixed incomes. By exempting these benefits from taxation, seniors would be able to keep more of their hard-earned money to cover essential expenses such as housing, healthcare, and groceries.

Currently, up to 85% of Social Security benefits are subject to federal income tax, depending on the recipient’s total income. This tax burden can eat into retirees’ budgets and make it challenging to make ends meet, especially for those with limited additional sources of income.

If passed, the Tax-Free Benefits Act would provide much-needed financial relief to millions of seniors across the country. Supporters of the bill argue that it is a crucial step towards ensuring the economic security and well-being of older Americans who have spent their lives contributing to the workforce and society as a whole.

Opponents of the bill, however, raise concerns about the potential impact on government revenue and the broader tax system. They argue that exempting Social Security benefits from taxation could lead to a decrease in funds available for essential government programs and services, ultimately affecting all taxpayers.

Despite the ongoing debate surrounding the bill, its supporters remain steadfast in their belief that it is a necessary and long-overdue measure to support the older population. As the discussion continues in Congress, both sides are working to find a balance between providing financial relief for retirees and maintaining a sustainable tax system for the future.