Ships Can Help With Your Medicare Problems

Medicare can be a complicated system. A mistake when signing up could lead to lifelong penalties or coverage gaps, and people who lose their jobs after 65 have an extra layer of complexity. Every Medicare beneficiary can select a Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan during open enrollment each year. The plan you choose could significantly impact your out-of-pocket expenses. Many low-income people aren’t aware that they are eligible for extra assistance to pay for Medicare drugs. You can appeal and fight back if your medication or care is denied. All of these complicated Medicare issues can be handled by your State Health Insurance Assistance Program or SHIP.

Whale Collision: Cruise Ship in New York Harbor Carries Gruesome Cargo

New York City’s harbor welcomed a cruise ship recently, but with an unexpected and somber sight – a massive dead whale stretched across its bow. The incident, which occurred on a Saturday, has raised concerns about the impact of large vessels on sea life, according to reports from local media. The whale, identified as an endangered sei whale measuring 44 feet in length, was discovered on the bow of the Meraviglia cruise ship as it …

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