Are You Falling Into A Hidden Tax Trap By Delaying RMDs?

Congress has recently expanded a tax trap that affects individuals with traditional IRA and 401(k) accounts by enacting the SECURE Act 2.0 in December 2024. This law has pushed back the age at which required minimum distributions (RMDs) must begin, delaying it to age 73 starting from January 1, 2023. Subsequently, the starting age will increase to 75 starting from January 1, 2033. If you already take RMDs before 2023, these changes do not impact …

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Urgent Calls To Pass Secure 2.0 Before The End Of December

The next two weeks will be tense for backers of legislative measures to enhance the U.S. retirement system. Next week, lawmakers will return to Washington to conclude the so-called lame-duck session – the legislative time between the midterm elections and the start of the new Congress on January 3.