10 Ways to Eradicate Your Wealth and Ruin Your Retirement in Five Years

One of the greatest fears for many people is suddenly being stripped of their wealth through mismanagement or bad investments. Unfortunately, this fear can become a reality in a matter of years if you don’t take steps to protect your finances.  Let’s explore ten ways that can lead to the loss of your wealth within five years and suggest how to be smart with your money and avoid such financial circumstances. Not Sticking to Your …

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Retirement Relocation: What’s the Best Option?

You’ve finally reached your destination after 40 years of sitting in traffic and clocking in and out. Your house may have been ideal for starting a family and making a living, but now that you’re retired, you’re ready for a change. Yet the question arises, should I sell my house or rent it out? There are several factors to consider besides just money while making this choice.