Want to Move to Canada in Your Golden Years?

Is Canada on your list as one of the places you are considering moving to in retirement? It is essential to think about the various outcomes that can result from this choice if you spend your retirement up north.

Are You Relocating Upon Retirement? 5 Things to Consider

Imagine retiring to a dreamy destination, perhaps a cool mountain, twisting trails through a forest, or a tropical beach. While it may sound intriguing, it is essential to think it through carefully. Before making a big move, you should consider financial, practical, and emotional aspects.

Medicare and Social Security: Essential Steps for Moving Seniors to Maintain Benefits

Norman, Oklahoma – Moving to a new state can be an exciting but complex process, especially for seniors who rely on Social Security and Medicare benefits. For those planning a relocation, it’s crucial to notify these federal agencies of your new address to prevent any interruptions in benefits or coverage. Here’s what you need to know as a relocating senior. When moving, it is important to inform the Social Security Administration and Medicare of your …

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Oregon Lawmakers Approve Bill to Recriminalize Small Amounts of Drugs, Moving Away from Decriminalization Trend

SALEM, OREGON – Lawmakers in Oregon have recently passed a bill that aims to reclassify the possession of certain drugs as a misdemeanor offense. The new measure comes after a prior voter-approved initiative decriminalized the possession and personal use of all drugs in the state. Now, legislators are seeking to reverse course on certain substances like fentanyl. The bill, known as HB4002, has now made its way to the desk of Democratic Governor Tina Kotek …

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