Don’t Let Bad Timing and Inflation Derail Your Retirement

Have you heard about the sequence of returns risk? A sequence of returns risk shows how your retirement can be better or worse, depending on how the market is performing when you retire. Some people are fortunate enough to retire when the markets are good, and their investments enjoy substantial growth in those early years, which helps them better withstand losses later in their retirement. Other people have the terrible luck of retiring in a …

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Here Are TheĀ  Potential Consequences Of The Debt Ceiling Standoff For Your Retirement Plans

A meeting between President Biden and congressional leaders is scheduled to discuss the debt ceiling at a critical time when the country may be unable to meet its obligations. Economists and administration officials have warned that a potential default on the national debt, a first in U.S. history, could result in a financial disaster. This would severely affect the domestic economy and cause turbulence in global markets.