Here are the 7 Big Retirement Risks to Avoid

In the last several decades, retirement planning has seen a significant transformation. As a result of enhanced health care, people are living longer, and prices have climbed drastically across the board.

Don’t Retire Broke! These 5 Overlooked Factors Could Ruin Your Golden Years

Estimating expenses for the distant future, spanning several decades, presents a formidable challenge. The majority of people diligently contribute to IRAs and 401(k)s, with the belief that consistent financial contributions will secure a comfortable retirement. Nevertheless, certain often-overlooked variables exist that influence the calculation of retirement expenses. Being attentive to these five factors can help create a more precise and practical retirement budget. Taxation Aside from the allure of relocating to warmer climates, many retirees …

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The truth about American retirement savings

A new report reveals a stark divide in American retirement savings, highlighting the struggle of lower-income households to adequately prepare for their golden years. While overall retirement assets have grown to $36 trillion, a significant portion of the increase is concentrated among higher-income workers, leaving tens of millions ill-prepared for the financial challenges of retirement. According to Anqi Chen and Alicia Munnell of the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, the median combined 401(k) …

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Practical Tips for Creating Liquidity in Your Retirement Income Plan

Retirement planning involves ensuring a comfortable lifestyle and accounting for unforeseen expenses that may arise down the road. One significant aspect is the need for liquidity to cover substantial costs, such as long-term care, as you age. This blog post will explore practical ways to create liquidity within your income plan to address these big-ticket items during retirement. Understanding Long-Term Care Expenses   Long-term care refers to services that support individuals with chronic illnesses, disabilities, or …

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