How Do Americans Really Save for Retirement?

Diversifying your retirement portfolio is always good, but do we do it? From August 9-11, 2022, GOBankingRates polled 997 Americans ages 18 and older to determine what they are investing in for retirement. The survey included 16 questions regarding various financial matters, with one, in particular, focusing on the assets in respondents’ retirement accounts. Multiple responses were permitted based on each survey respondent’s portfolio components. The results were filtered using several different criteria, including age …

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Should Your Add Crypto to Your Retirement Portfolio?

Cryptocurrencies based on blockchain are sure to play a significant role in the future of investing, the economy, and digital life in general. According to several experts, millennials are putting too much trust in trendy but risky computer-generated tokens as retirement investments.

Australia’s Coinbase Targets Self-Managed Pension Sector for Crypto Expansion

Sydney, Australia – Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, is setting its sights on Australia’s self-managed pensions sector, aiming to capitalize on the growing interest in digital assets among retirees in the country. This move comes as self-managed funds in Australia have significantly increased their exposure to cryptocurrencies since March 2019, with nearly A$1 billion ($664 million) now allocated to the volatile market, according to data from the Australian Taxation Office. The trend of self-managed pension …

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