Stay At Home Viewers Have 3 Must-Watch Series on their Radar, Including “True Detective: Night Country”

Los Angeles, California – With the Super Bowl just around the corner, many are eagerly anticipating the big game. But for those who aren’t interested in football, there are still plenty of entertainment options to consider.

In today’s era of streaming services, many people find themselves overwhelmed with choices when it comes to what to watch. For those who won’t be spending their Sundays watching football, there are three recent series worth checking out as an alternative to the big game.

First up is the fourth season of HBO’s True Detective anthology, titled True Detective: Night Country. The new season takes place in the icy tundra of northern Alaska and shifts the focus to two female police officers as they work together to solve the disappearance of a group of scientists. The show, which has a touch of the supernatural, features standout performances from Jodie Foster and relative newcomer Kali Reis.

Another alternative to the Super Bowl is the Apple TV+ series Slow Horses, which follows a group of MI-5 agents who have been relegated to the minor leagues of spycraft. Despite their reputations for being bad at their jobs, these agents often find themselves doing real spy work, and the series is known for its humor and grounded understanding of spies.

And for those looking for a different kind of action, the series Mr. and Mrs. Smith, streaming on Amazon Prime Video, offers a fresh take on the story told in the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie movie. Starring Donald Glover and Maya Erskine, the series follows two agents who carry out missions while pretending to be a married couple, leading to blurred lines and compelling storylines.

With a variety of options available, those who aren’t interested in the Super Bowl can still find plenty of entertainment to enjoy. Whether it’s delving into the mystery in True Detective, the humor and intrigue of Slow Horses, or the action and chemistry of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, there is something for everyone to enjoy.