President Joe Biden Makes Final Push for Nevada Primary Votes

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – President Joe Biden made a strategical visit to Nevada on Sunday, urging voters to participate in the ongoing first-in-the-West primaries through early and absentee voting. The purpose of his visit is not only to secure votes in the primaries but also to build momentum for the general election in November.

Biden’s last visit to Nevada was in December, during which he emphasized the allocation of over $8 billion in federal funds for passenger rail projects across the nation. This time, he is set to rally voters in the majority-Black Historic Westside of the city and attend a campaign fundraiser.

With little opposition in the upcoming primary, Biden is looking to maintain the support he garnered from winning Nevada in the 2020 election by less than 3 percentage points. The state, known for its transient population and diverse communities, also poses as a challenge due to its unpredictable and split-ticket voting history.

The visit holds significance not only in the context of the primaries but also because of the long-standing influence of the late Sen. Harry Reid’s “Reid Machine”. Despite facing dissatisfaction among voters and a narrow victory in the last elections, Biden is promoting his reelection campaign around the theme of countering the threat to democracy and his policies’ positive impact on the economy.

The Democratic National Committee’s recent announcement of a significant ad buy in Nevada indicates the high stakes of the upcoming elections. Biden’s key task is to hold on to Nevada, as pointed out by political science expert Dan Lee.

Overall, Biden’s visit to Nevada reflects the intense political climate and the importance of securing support within a state that has historically played a pivotal role in national elections.