Manhunt Underway in South Fulton After Early Morning Tragedy Leaves Young Man Dead

SOUTH FULTON, Ga. — Authorities in South Fulton are intensifying their manhunt for a suspect responsible for the fatal shooting of a 27-year-old man, which disrupted the early morning tranquility of a local community. The incident occurred near Rock Hill Road on a quiet Tuesday morning, rattling nearby residents.

According to police, several 911 calls were received shortly before 5 a.m., reporting multiple gunshots. Responding officers arrived at the scene to find a young Black man lying deceased on the street, having suffered several gunshot wounds.

One woman, who requested anonymity citing safety concerns, recounted her harrowing experience of waking up to the sound of gunfire. “It was just chaos and confusion,” she said. “I was on the ground, just trying to stay safe and understand what was happening outside.”

The morning continued to take a dark turn for her as she prepared for work. “As soon as I stepped outside, I heard the sound of breaking glass,” she added, detailing how she discovered her car window shattered. The gravity of the situation became even more apparent when she noticed a body on the street as she attempted to drive away from her home.

South Fulton Police Department’s Lt. Pserda Dickerson described the scene as officers discovered the body. “Our units responded swiftly to the calls and confirmed the presence of a deceased male victim,” Dickerson said. Investigators believe the victim was specifically targeted, although the motives remain unclear.

Local residents expressed their distress and concern over the community’s safety, urging increased police presence in the area. “We need to feel safe in our own homes,” expressed another resident, who noted the growing unease following the incident.

The identity of the deceased has not been disclosed as authorities are in the process of notifying next of kin. Meanwhile, residents are struggling to come to terms with the violent act that has intruded upon their lives with such brutality and disregard for human dignity.

Police are appealing to the public for any information related to the shooting and are particularly interested in any surveillance footage from the area. They have assured the community that all leads are being rigorously pursued to apprehend the perpetrator.

Crime in the area has seen various fluctuations but incidents like this sharply remind the community of the urgent need for vigilance and preventive measures. Community leaders are calling for collaborative efforts between residents and law enforcement to enhance safety and reduce crime.

The investigation is ongoing as detectives piece together the events that led up to this tragic loss of life. Authorities remain determined to solve this crime not only to bring justice to the victim but also to restore peace of mind to the shaken community of SouthS Fulton.