King Charles III Diagnosed with Cancer; Preliminary Treatment Started

London, England – Prime Minister Rishi Sunak provided new details about King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis, stating that the condition was “caught early.” The 75-year-old monarch’s diagnosis came to light just 18 months after he assumed the throne following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The king spent the night at home after beginning his treatment, prompting Prince Harry to head home to see his father and Prince William to prepare to take on some of the king’s public duties.

Buckingham Palace announced that a “form of cancer” was detected while the king was undergoing a hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement. Although it did not specify the type or stage, the palace stated that Charles did not have prostate cancer. Despite his diagnosis, the king will continue to carry out state business and official paperwork, but will have to postpone public appearances.

The revelation of the king’s cancer diagnosis by Buckingham Palace marks a departure from the past, when the monarch’s health issues were often kept hidden from the public. The palace explained that the king wanted to share his diagnosis to prevent speculation and to assist public understanding of cancer.

After the news broke, well-wishes poured in from across the United Kingdom and beyond. President Joe Biden and the Archbishop of Canterbury both expressed their support for the monarch, emphasizing the courage and hope needed to navigate a cancer diagnosis.

The news comes just over a week after both the king and his daughter-in-law, Princess Kate, were discharged from a private London clinic after medical procedures. Charles’ eldest son is expected to take on some of his father’s duties while he undergoes treatment for cancer, as the Prince of Wales resumes his royal duties this week.

Prince Harry, who is reportedly returning to the U.K. to see his father, has had a strained relationship with the royal family after stepping back from his role as a senior member in 2020 and releasing personal disclosures in his memoir last year.