Fury: Queen’s Outrage at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Allegations of Permission for Lilibet

London, England – New revelations about the rift between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the Royal Family have emerged in a new book, “Charles III: New King, New Court. The Inside Story.” The book sheds light on a controversial claim made by the couple regarding Queen Elizabeth II’s approval of their daughter’s name, Lilibet.

According to the book, the queen was reportedly “as angry as I’d ever seen her” after Harry and Meghan announced that she had given her blessing for their daughter to be named Lilibet, which was the late queen’s childhood nickname. The claim further strained the already tense relationship between the Sussexes and the royal establishment.

The book also delves into the fallout from Harry’s memoir, in which he allegedly made “blatant attacks” on the royal family, particularly causing distress to Prince William and his wife, Catherine. William is said to be “mortified by the casual betrayal of so many fraternal secrets” and has not read the book, relying on briefings from aides instead.

Additionally, the book reveals the perspective of King Charles, who reportedly learned to “compartmentalise” the issues surrounding his rift with his son. Friends of the king stated that while he is saddened by the situation, he also feels a sense of exasperation and has decided to focus on his duties as king.

The controversy surrounding the use of the name Lilibet also escalated after the palace denied that the queen had given her approval, leading to a public dispute between the royal family and Harry and Meghan’s team. The couple maintained that the queen had indeed supported their choice of name, leading to conflicting narratives in the media.

The book also touches on the potential for further revelations from either Harry or Meghan in the form of sequels or memoirs, raising concerns within the palace about the ongoing public disputes and their potential impact on the monarchy.

Overall, the new book offers fresh insights into the internal dynamics of the Royal Family and the ongoing tensions between the Sussexes and the royal establishment. It provides a deeper understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by the monarchy in navigating the public fallout from personal disputes.