Fraud: Kansas Couple Concealed Dead Relative’s Body While Collecting $215K Retirement Benefits

Overland Park, Kansas – A couple from Overland Park, Kansas, has been accused of fraudulently obtaining more than $215,000 in retirement benefits on behalf of a deceased relative, all while concealing his body inside their home for six years. The deceased, Mike Carroll, was determined to have passed away in 2016 at the age of 81, based on data from his pacemaker. However, his body was not discovered by the police until 2022, when his son-in-law, Kirk Ritter, alerted authorities of his death in the Kansas City suburb.

Authorities have charged Lynn Ritter and Kirk Ritter, both aged 61, with continuing to access and spend from Carroll’s bank account even as his body remained “mummified” on a bed in the home he owned. Lynn Ritter is Carroll’s daughter, and the couple allegedly provided repeated excuses to family members regarding Carroll’s absence, leading them to believe he was still alive.

The Ritters are scheduled to appear in federal court to face multiple charges on February 2. They have not responded to requests for comment from the media, and court documents do not indicate any legal representation for the couple.

According to prosecutors, Carroll received a total of $216,067 in pension and Social Security payments in the six years following his death. However, bank records during that time revealed that checks were written from his account and cashed by Lynn and Kirk Ritter.

The case has raised numerous questions and concerns about the actions of the Ritters and the failure of authorities to locate Carroll’s body sooner. Family members and local residents have expressed shock and disbelief at the bizarre and unsettling circumstances surrounding Carroll’s death and the subsequent actions of the Ritter couple.

The case continues to unfold, with investigators and legal authorities working to establish a clearer understanding of the events and hold the accused parties accountable for their alleged actions.