Children’s Social Security Benefits Protected by Missouri Senate Bill

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Senate has taken a significant step towards safeguarding children’s Social Security benefits with a recent bill introduced by Sen. Holly Thompson Rehder, R-Scott City. This legislation aims to ensure that children who have lost parents or whose parents are disabled continue to receive the necessary financial support as they transition into adulthood.

Rehder emphasized that the bill is particularly important for foster children who are already facing numerous challenges. She expressed concerns that these children could have their Social Security benefits withheld, adding an unnecessary burden to their already difficult circumstances.

The proposed legislation specifies that any funds allocated for the child’s benefit should not be diverted to cover care or services expenses. However, it does allow for utilizing benefits from entities like the U.S. Retirement Board, Social Security, or the VA to address other essential needs beyond typical responsibilities.

However, not all senators are fully on board with the bill. Sen. Mike Moon, R-Ash Grove, raised objections to certain child-related amendments that were included. He cautioned that these amendments could potentially raise constitutional concerns and advocated for maintaining a narrow focus on the original intent of the bill.

Rehder supported the bill by pointing to studies that highlight the positive impact of financial assistance on children’s success, particularly in terms of educational pursuits, housing stability, and meeting basic needs. She noted that currently, these funds are often absorbed by the state, rather than directly benefiting the children.

The Senate’s approval of this legislation comes on the heels of a similar version passing in the House just a day prior. This bipartisan effort underscores the recognition of the importance of ensuring that vulnerable children have access to necessary resources for their growth and development.

For more details on the bill’s progress and additional information, interested parties can refer to the Missouri Senate’s official website. This initiative represents a crucial step towards providing a safety net for children in need, ensuring that they have the support required to thrive as they navigate challenging circumstances.