Actress Marlee Matlin criticizes CBS for neglecting ASL performers during Super Bowl LVIII

Las Vegas, NV – Renowned actress Marlee Matlin expressed her disappointment with CBS after the television network failed to feature the American Sign Language (ASL) performers during the live broadcast of Super Bowl LVIII. The Super Bowl pregame show at Allegiant Stadium showcased performances from Andra Day, Post Malone, and Reba McEntire, with each artist accompanied by an ASL interpreter. However, Matlin took to social media to criticize CBS for not showing the deaf performers on television, despite their integral role in the pregame show.

Matlin’s frustration was evident as she took to Twitter to express her shock and disappointment at the absence of the ASL performers in the televised broadcast. Her post ignited a wave of support from other users, echoing her sentiments and urging CBS to better uphold their inclusive values by featuring the ASL interpreters on screen.

The absence of the ASL performers on television during the Super Bowl LVIII broadcast drew attention to the issue of accessibility for the deaf community. Matlin, as a trailblazer for the deaf community and the first deaf actor to win an Academy Award, has been an outspoken advocate for accessibility throughout her career. Her critique of CBS sheds light on the need for greater representation and visibility for ASL performers and interpreters in mainstream media events like the Super Bowl.

Representatives for CBS have yet to respond to the criticism regarding the lack of visibility for the ASL performers during the Super Bowl broadcast. The incident has sparked a larger conversation about the importance of inclusive representation and accessibility for individuals with disabilities in televised events. Matlin’s outspoken stance and the support she has garnered highlight the need for media organizations like CBS to take greater steps in prioritizing the representation of diverse communities, including the deaf community, in their broadcasts.